Water-based surface disinfection

Surface disinfection

Mediforms water-based surface disinfectant is designed to gently disinfect clean and hard surfaces.

Surface disinfection is suitable for furniture and equipment in schools, hair salons, shops and means of transport or surfaces in the home.
The surface infection is ethanol-free and is therefore gentle on the skin, but still removes bacteria with 99.99% certainty.

Mediform water-based over-the-counter disinfection can be used by anyone, as the disinfectant is free of perfume and ethanol. This means that when you use Mediforms assault disinfection, you get rid of the strong smell from alcohol.

The attack disinfectant is available on spray, so it is extra easy to use when you need to disinfect the attack. The surface disinfection also comes as a 5000ml refill which can be used for large surfaces and so you can easily refill your spray.

Mediform Surface disinfection is ready to use and can be applied with a spray, mop or cloth. The surface must be wet for at least 1 minute and then dry. Do not rinse with water.

Surface disinfection