Water-based hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

Mediforms water-based hand disinfection is a mild and frothy disinfection series which removes bacteria and viruses from the hands.

The light foam is gentle on the skin and the hand disinfection series contains glycerin which helps to soften the skin on the hands.
The hand sanitizer is water-based and therefore does not contain ethanol, but still removes bacteria with 99.99% safety.
Mediforms water-based hand disinfection is dermatologically tested and allergy certified.

The water-based hand disinfection series is available in three sizes for different needs. So whatever you want a gentle hand sanitizer for your bag or refill for the office, Mediform can cover your needs.

To achieve the optimal effect, the hands should be rubbed into 3 ml and be wet from the product for about 30 seconds before it naturally evaporates. Mediform can be used daily against the spread of infection and viruses.

Hand disinfection