Water-based hand and surface disinfection

Water-based hand and surface disinfection

Avoid bacteria on hands and surfaces when using Mediforms water-based hand and surface infection. With the hand and surface product, 99.99% of bacteria and coat-bearing viruses such as coronavirus are reduced.

The product is suitable for disinfection of both hands as well as clean and hard surfaces on furniture and equipment in the home, office, institutions, gyms and the like.

The hand and assault disinfection is particularly gentle on the skin. The liquid is ethanol free, which means you can use Mediform without compromising the health of your skin.

The hand and surface infection comes in two sizes, on spray and refill. The spray bottle makes it easy when you need to disinfect memory surfaces and 5000 ml refill is good for large surfaces. With 5000 ml refill, you also get the opportunity to refill your spray bottle so you never run out.


The disinfectant is ready to use and can be used on both hands and surfaces.

Apply on clean hard surfaces with a spray, mop or cloth. The surface should be wet for 1 minute and then dry. Do not rinse with water.

Apply 3 ml of agent on clean hands. For optimal effect, hands should be wet for approx. 30 seconds before it naturally evaporates.

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