About us

Mediform is a series of groundbreaking disinfection products with many benefits

Mediform is a Danish-made disinfection series which has been developed especially for you with sensitive skin.

All products are gentle and can be used daily without drying out the skin.

We want to protect consumers from unhealthy disinfectants and Mediform is in many ways a revolutionary disinfectant that ensures you the same benefits as the classic hand sanitizer. Mediform offers a series of hand and assault disinfectants that can be used by the whole family, both for hands and assailants.

Non-alcoholic disinfectant products

Good hygiene is alpha omega, but the alcohol-based hand sanitizers are harsh on the skin. Many people find that their hands become drier with daily use of rubbing alcohol, which can lead to allergic reactions such as redness, itching and eczema.

Mediform is therefore a water-based disinfectant without alcohol / ethanol. Our water-based disinfectants remove bacteria and viruses with 99.99% certainty without compromising your skin.

The active ingredient in Mediform is called DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride) and is extremely effective in fighting the coat-carrying virus.

The blue hand disinfection series contains glycerin which helps to soften the skin and ensure that the skin does not dry out. This means that the hand disinfectant naturally cares for the skin’s protective fat layer and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

The gentle choice

As one of the only products on the market, Mediform is a dermatological test, AllergyCertified and approved by the Vegan Society. This makes Mediform a safe alternative to hand sanitizer, which means you do not have to compromise on disinfection and your skin.

Mediform is perfume-free and is a neutral choice for anyone with sensitive skin or perfume allergy.

The mild bactericidal foam works in the same way as alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but without you having to worry about the health of your skin.

Produced in Denmark

Mediform are Danish-made products for you who want an alternative to hand alcohol. It is important to us that our products are thoroughly tested and well documented so that they live up to the formal requirements on the market, within hand disinfection.

All products have been thoroughly tested according to European standards and great effect against bacteria and viruses has been demonstrated.

Mediform is dermatologically tested and can thus be used by anyone with sensitive skin. Mediform has been tested according to Euro


Dermatologisk testet (vis logo) : Ved dermatologiske 24-timerstests består mediform, mens alkoholbaserede produkter ikke gør.

Allergy Certified (vis logo): Med Allergy Certified sikre vi at alle alle ingredienser bliver tjekket for allergifremkaldende, hormonforstyrrende og kræftfremkaldende stoffer.

Vegan:  Sikre at produktet ikke indeholder animalske produkter eller animalsk biprodukter, samt ikke er testet på dyr


Gennemtestet og certificeret


Dokumenteret effekt efter europæiske standarder af akkrediterede uafhængige laboratorier.

  • EN 1500 – Bakteriedræbende – Human Hygiejne
    • EN 13727 – Bakteriedræbende med effekt på 10 sekunder
    • EN 14476 – Virusdræbende på max 60 sekunder


Hænder & overflader:

  • EN 1276 – Bakteriedræbende
    • EN 13727 – Bakteriedræbende
    • EN 1500 – Bakteriedræbende – hygiejnisk hånddesinfektion på 30 sekunder
    • EN 14476 – Dræber kappebærende vira
    • EN 13697 – Svampedræbende



  • EN 1276 – Bakteriedræbende – Hygiejnisk hånddesinfektion på 30 sekunder
  • EN 13727 – Bakteriedræbende
  • EN 14476 – Dræber kappebærende virus
  • EN 13697 – Svampedræbende


Mediform hand sanitizer contains water (as main ingrediens), active substance (bactericidal) and glycerin (to soften the skin).

Does not smell of alcohol, as it is not alcohol-based, but is a water-based biocidal product that is naturally odorless.

The good hygiene and care for the skin does not have to be a compromise.

No fire danger

Easy to store.

Alcohol-based products are flammable and must therefore be stored and transported with great care. Mediform does not have this problem as it is water based.

Therefore, it is far easier to transport and store safely and secure than the alcohol-based alternatives on the market.